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Program Areas

In our quest to ensure the poor gain justice and freedom (physically and spiritually), rehabilitated and empowered, we have the following Program Areas:

(01) Court Legal Representation
(02) Advocacy and Awareness raising
(03) Peace Building
(04) Skills Acquisition and Empowerment
(05) Education
(06) Discipleship and Counseling
(07) Humanitarian Relief to the Vulnerable and Indigents
(08) Violence against Women and children
(09) Trauma Counseling
(10) Gender Equality
(11) Rule of Law and Good Governance
(12) Discrimination against women and girls

(i) Indigents Awaiting Trial Persons (ATPs) in prison spend unnecessary long period wasting their youthful potentials away without school and any skill acquired to help them become useful in the society when they finally leave prison, this is because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent them secure their Bail or commence a full trial..

(ii) Inadequate facilities and balance diet for the under-aged in the young people’s home (where the underage accused and suspects are kept) affect these under aged psychologically and otherwise and they end up becoming adults in that condition due to the fact that their parents or guardians cannot afford to hire a lawyer. We support them with food, clothing, toiletries, and they also need legal representation.

(iii) The people in police detention spend several months in the cell, since they are indigent mostly and cannot afford to hire a lawyer, they are often times at the mercy of the police who maltreated and tortured them. We stand on their behalf.

(iv) We pay fines on behalf of the people that are convicted and have option of fine spend long jail term because they are indigents who cannot afford to pay the fine, even when it is a very small amount.

(v) We defend the oppressed indigents in our society whose rights are infringed upon and their properties are forcefully claimed by their oppressors or are maltreated in any form need legal representation.

Representation of the indigents in courts as their counsel.

The society where we live need to know their fundamental and civic rights and their corresponding liabilities. Ignorance is one of the reasons why the rights of indigents are being infringed. We therefore, create awareness on these rights. Others includes:

(i) Create awareness on the work of Advocacy for the Support of Prisoners and Indigents Rights to enable people find help in areas we are involve.

(ii) Rule of law and good governance: we advocate for a rigid practice of the rule of law and good governance with a just and equitable treatment of all as opposed to the arbitrary treatment of the masses by the leaders/government.

(iii) Gender equality: we make awareness and advocate for gender equality in the society where people are treated equally irrespective of their gender.

(iv) Violence against women, Girls and Children: women, girls and children today have become vulnerable as a result of the violent harassment they face either by their husbands or the society. We therefore, advocate against the violence bedeviling them in the society.

It is the right of every child to go to school, but the indigent children and youths in our society are mostly not enrolled in school or are drop out due to poverty or persecution, their rights to education and progress is thwarted; therefore they need to be given education. We educate such indigent children by sponsoring them to school to a reasonable level; strictly to indigent’s children in the society.

The indigent (youths and women) in our society need to acquire skills that will enable them earn a living and make them responsible people in the society whereby they can avoid being vulnerable. We organize skills acquisition training to such women and indigent youths to help them become responsible to themselves, their families and the society and also earn a living.

The people who are out of prison, police detention, who experienced violence, or under aged home detention needs to be disciple and counselled from what they have passed through while in prison or detention and how to pick up from where they stopped and build up their hope and their relationship with Jesus Christ and how to live and shape their lives and also shape other peoples’ live positively. We also render discipleship/counselling services to the generally public.

We prefer people settled their difference amicably without recourse to court except where it is unattainable. We are therefore, involve in resolving conflict and building peace among conflicting parties and encourage peaceful co-existence and avoid loss or win nature of court which sometimes creates enmity.

We distribute relief materials to Indigents in dear need and especially those affected by the incessant crisis and attacks in our country who are mostly Christians.